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Address where SDK is on and phone no. COURSES Course start, leader, phone number and prices. LINKS Links to different Danish clubs, private websites, dance bands, etc. SHOP Phone number & Email address to our own shoe dealer Henry. There are also pictures from the shoe range. BOARD OF DIRECTORS – Name and telephone number of members of the board. TRAINING – Time, day & place. Upplåsningsschema. COMPETITION Information – What applies to compete. Partner points – List of how many points have been accumulated with their partner. Result – Results of the contests. Competition Calendar – When, where the competitions are. Start competing

– Information on how to proceed when you want to start competing. 
Class division – shows ex. if you want to compete in children, youth, adults etc. 

OVERVIEW – Where you are reading now … 

DANCE – Tips on various dances that are nearby. Do you have any tips on dances that are not taken, please email. then I add them.