If you want to be a good dancer then must needs to follow some of these instructions:-

1. Getting inspired
Remind yourself why you love dancing so much. Give yourself inspiration by watching dance videos, have a word to your dance friends or better go to dance shows and make yourself feel that spark again.

2. Warming up and stretching up
If you try dancing when your body’s cold and stiff then there is no fun in doing so. Before you start dancing, you need to make sure your body is ready enough to do it. Warming up and stretching your body will help your dance and gives you more control over your body. It also helps you to prevent injuries.

3. Study or learn music
Studying music will to give you a better understanding of how to dance well. If you don’t know the music then you are missing the major aspect. You need to know that your body shows a physical representation of the way that the music sounds. Those dancers that you watch around you they all do this by first understanding the sounds mentally.

4. Learn basics and grooves
Pick Up the styles or moves you want to learn, and focus on the foundational movements of that. Something that all dance styles have in common is a groove. You probably groove all the time already! Do you bob your head while listening to music in the car? Do you go to the club and sway side to side to the beat? Those are all grooves! There are so many different grooves – some have official names and techniques that you can easily learn.

5. Take dance classes
Taking classes from an institute is a perfect way to learn choreography, practice performing, and to meet new dancing friends. Taking beginner classes are so valuable, even if you are not a complete beginner. It helps you to become a good dancer.

6. Dance with control and textures
Executing your movements the way you want has divided into many parts. There’s control, textures and dynamics, cleanliness and other things.

7. Explore through freestyle dancing
Freestyle dancing is a great way to practice your fundamentals. You get in touch with the music, and move your body freely. There are many people says that freestyle dance is based on thoughts, feelings, or concepts.

8. Create choreography
Choreography is a great way to challenge you as a dancer. You’ll come up with some new creative moves, freestyle, and pay attention to the music in ways you never did before.

9. Find what makes you unique
You have to develop your own natural grooves and embrace those weird poses your body comes up with. Your unique style won’t just make you a better dancer, it’ll make you the best dancer you can be.

10. Stay growth-minded
If you’re constantly growing, even in baby steps, you’ll soon be at a level you never thought possible. So keep growing your mind.

11. Join a dance team
You just need to join a dance team. You will be surrounded with the dancers of different backgrounds, experience, styles that you can learn from.

12. Kill it on stage
Try to dance on a proper stage because dance is a performance art – so being a great dancer means that you know how to kill it on stage.

You can be a good dancer by keeping your body in optimal and dance-ready condition. Being a good dancer is a journey that looks different for everyone. I am hoping this helped you to understand how you can be a good dancer.