Professional dancing can help a person explore the arts and earn a lot of money while they are doing so. Or blog about it like this blog does: In order to dance professionally a person has to go dancing school. Only the best of the best are admitted to these schools every semester. These are the top 5 international dance schools that dance student strive to attend.

Dance Schools

1  Royal Ballet School:

This is one of the best teaching school out there for dance. A dancer will learn what they need to go on the world stage. This school is part of the Royal Ballet Company based out of London. A student will learn classical ballet with the chance of attending one of the most famous ballet companies in the world. A student will learn classic as well as theatre ballet at this school.

2  Joffrey Academy of Dance:

This dance school is a famous ballet academy and is based out of New York City. A dance student will get a high quality dance education and will see some top performances as well. Students will get an excellent education and there are a number of workshops during the year. This school demands a lot from their students but will give them a lot in return.

3 The Juilliard School:

This is one of the most famous dance schools in the world. It is located in New York City. This school produces some high quality performers and has a number of dance styles the student can learn. The student can major in jazz, tap, contemporary, modern, and many other styles. This school has turned out some amazing dancers and continues to be a well respected dance school.

4  American Ballet Theatre:

This dance school has some of the best programs in the world. This school is also in New York City and offers premier dancing techniques and one of a kind programs. There are a number of pre professional programs as well and some of the best dancers in the world come from this school. The Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis School for dance is also here and this is a strict program to get into but the results are well worth it.

5  Paris Opera Ballet School:

This is another top dance school. It is very prestigious and only the best of the best are allowed to attend. This school is where the classical dance style originated and is one of the most demanding dance schools. It is very tough but dancers come out and they are some of the best. This school has a very tough program but many feel honored to even be considered to attend this school.

These are the top 5 dance schools in all of the world. These schools are demanding and they are tough. When a person attends this school they will learn everything they need to be world class dancers.