Dance competitions bring together the best and brightest new and established dancers from around the globe. The competitors put on stellar performances vying for not only prize money but industry acclaim and recognition. There are thousands upon thousands of dance competitions held every year but some competitions far surpass others in the quality of performances and the crowd that they draw every year.

Dance competition

World Dance Cup:

The World Dance Cup takes place over one week in a nominated host country, in 2018 it will be held in Sitges, Spain. Over 12,000 dancers participate in the event every year, coming from over 40 countries. This prestigious competition showcases dancers and dance troupes across all dance genres. Competitors need to qualify first in their own country to participate in the competition taking place June 2018.

Star Quest:

Star Quest Dance Competition is a highly acclaimed dance event draws dances of all ages to compete. The qualifying rounds take place across America and the competition is the United States focused. A wide variety of dance genres are showcased including ballet, clogging and cheerleading. There is a strong emphasis on youth dance with the competition drawing on the talents of children and teens from across the country.

International Dance Organisation Events:

The International Dance Organisation or the IDO runs a very popular schedule of dance competitions that take place across the globe catering to wide ranges of styles that vary according to the event. In 2018 the highly anticipated events being organized by the IDO include The 14th Dutch Open, The European Couple Dance Championships and Interdance fest in Sarajevo. There are also a series of IDO events taking place in Moscow, Russia in April of 2018.

World Dance Championship:

The World Dance Championships broadcast live online and is hugely popular with dancers and spectators alike. It draws participants of all ages to compete in this dance spectacular which runs over a week. Entrants much compete as part of a group and there are no solo, duet or trio performances. The event takes place in Secaucus, New Jersey and generally runs from July to August. It is held in conjunction with the World Dance Pagent which accepts solo dancers.

Hip Hop International:

Focused primarily on the Hip Hop dance genre, the Hip Hop International draws huge numbers of experienced and emerging performers from around the globe. The event takes place in Los Angeles but draws participants from all over the globe, inviting entrant to compete and collaborate in both the major event and in events and workshops across the globe.

European Dance Masters:

The European Dance Masters prides itself on drawing the best competitors the Europe has to offer. The competition is open to all age groups and the competition provides the music in each category, giving the competition a level musical playing field as a starting point. The 2018 competition will take place in Ballybofey, Ireland across a weekend in March.